Leaving the Land & the People That We Love

4 Jun

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Our time in Swaziland has come to an end. We are at the Johannesburg airport waiting to board our plane to Atlanta. We will land in Atlanta around 6am on Thursday and arrive in Augusta mid-morning.

We said our goodbyes to our children on Monday. On Tuesday, we visited care points and homesteads in Nsoko, which is located in south Swaziland. Our intent was to see where our Warren Baptist future missionaries, Stephen and Charity Spragg our going to serve. Their goal is to begin serving in September.

The care points in Nsoko are in the beginning stages of development. Seeing the children there brought back memories of the way our children use to look. There were swollen bellies, partial clothing, sad eyes and red hair due to malnutrition. It was heartbreaking to see. It also caused us to pause and remember how far we have come as we remember that our children in our care points looked exactly the same in 2009.

Leaving our children was difficult but we are thankful that they are in a much better place than they were when we started. This makes our leaving bittersweet until we see them again.

We encourage you to come visit these children if you are able. You will leave with a changed heart and a clear purpose of how God wants to use you to fulfill the James 1:27 mandate.

One Response to “Leaving the Land & the People That We Love”

  1. Dona & Jeff Hornung June 4, 2014 at 9:23 pm #

    So anxious for your return to tell us about your wonderful experience! Thankful for each of you!!

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